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Bubba Bag Bath


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We now offer our high quality silicone in the form of a Bubba Bath Bag! Not only are the toys perfect for water play so is the bag. The bag has little holes to allow drainage and comes with a suction cup hook.  You can hang it onto the side of the tub to keep it handy. Inside The Bubba Bath Bag.  you will find 4 sea like items. A cute seahorse, a star fish with bumps for sensory texture and stimulation, a shell and an adorable fish. All in bright eye catching colours.

 Our Bubba Bath Bag is different than other bath toys.  These items will sink, not float.  This is great for encouraging spatial awareness and hand eye co-ordination. The toys don’t squirt so you don’t get wet and neither does your bathroom floor!  It also means that they will last!  You won’t get that horrible black gunge that comes out of squirtable bath toys. Silicone does not promote the growth of bacteria so they will be mold free!

Each item has a little slit so that they can be put on a Chewipal and taken out and about if your kiddo has a favorite one to chew.  .

Made of non toxic, washable high grade silicone. Originally designed for babies & toddlers,  we now offer it for our sensory seekers of all ages. 

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