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Bubba Bag Essentials

$38.95 (or 3 Credits)

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Our green Bubba Bag Essentials has 4 toys in it. They are  made of the same soft, flexible non toxic, washable silicone as Chewigem chewelry.

A chunky set of car keys – great for reaching the molars (Key: 8.5cm long, 5cm wide at widest point. Ring: 5cm diameter. Fob: 5.5cm long, 5.1cm wide at widest point)

A chunky credit card – with lovely raised numbers for added texture and feel (8.5cm by 5.5cm)

A chunky remote control – with raised buttons(12cm x 5.2cm)

A little silicone sized smart phone, great for imaginative play and chomping on with raised and indented textures. (7.5cm by 5.2cm.)
Each toy can be looped onto a Chewipal or toggle tag strap and has a custom slot for this (on the keys you can use the keyring), making these great for taking out and about.

The neoprene bag keeps its shape and is ideal for storing your Chewigem collection!

Originally designed for babies and toddlers but now available for all sensory seekers.

All toys carry the CE mark and everything is suitable from 0M+

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