Chewigem Product Reviews

Skull Pendant

I got my Glow in the Dark skull today and I love how it feels when I chew and I love the texture of it, especially the little bumps on the back. It’s so satisfying to feel it in my mouth.

 ~ River Rain

I got this as a gift for a friend and they love this product! It came very neatly packaged with instructions on proper sanitization and other info, which is very helpful. I will definitely purchase from Chewigem again.

~ Adia

Realm Ring

I own the realm ring in Amber.
It’s a beautiful soft colour. I don’t use my realm ring for chewing as I’m not keen on the texture and shape. However I use it for squeezing and fiddling with.
I wear it on days when my hands are restless and need to be doing something.
I absolutely love it for this purpose.  Thankyou Chewigem for making these!
It looks awesome with my clothing and no one is even aware its a chewi!

~ Angel


It is a pretty, discreet necklace that is pleasant to chew and comfortably fits in the mouth.  It is smooth and glossy all over except for the tiny letters on the back which spell out Chewigem that also provide sensory feedback. It is thicker on one side compared to the other, so you can choose to chew a thicker ridge or the flat thin part. It is flexible and bendy, so my jaw does not get sore by chewing on it. I got the green and blue marbled design which is pretty and reminds me of northern lights or a polished fluorite stone. It has sparkles in it and it’s translucent like stained glass if you hold it to a light. Also it fits in a face mask! That is very convenient for the pandemic right now because bigger chews do not fit but I don’t want to chew on my mask.    5 stars.

~ Kit

Love, love, love this Raindrop! It took me a long time and a lot of money wasted on chew necklaces trying to find one that my son couldn’t chew through in a few days. Chewigem reached out and sent me a couple to try. My son has been non-stop chewing on this one for 7 days and it doesn’t have a mark on it?. I am so happy I found a winner. Thank you Chewigem

~Ethan’s Voice


I love the Chubes, they are small and subtle. I got mine after seeing flappy hands and stims posted a video of how to hide a chewy under a face mask. I cant wait to try that!

~ River Rain

Tread Bracelet

My son is a aggressive chewer and this chew has been great. I have it attached via a zipper pull as per Carla’s suggestion. This chew has been our longest lasting and his favourite.

~ Melissa C.

Bubba Bracelet

I have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and an Intellectual Disability and I absolutely love this! I love the pink color and the way it feels to chew with and fidget.

~ Laura M

Jazz Pendant

I got my pink jazz necklace today and I love how it looks aesthetically and I love the smooth feeling of it when i’m chewing it. The necklace is bigger than I thought but I’m honestly glad because I thought it was going to be very tiny so I’m glad that it is big.

Cat Pendant

I love running my thumb over the textured side and biting the ears! Really cute stim toy.


Wave Bracelet

I have the wave bracelet in rainbow and pink and I love how much fun it is to twist and I love the texture and I love how it looks on my wrist. I love my pink one but my rainbow will be great for when I wanna add some colour to my outfits and it will be the perfect bracelet to wear during pride.

~ River Rain

Button Pendant

I have two of these and I wear them (or my raindrop chewigem necklace) practically every day. It is smooth and durable. The colours on them on mine were just like in the picture. I use it for when I need a very strong chew and it has not had any damage yet even though I have used it for several months.


Berries Necklace

I have these in black/grey/white.
I love the texture of these as the berries have little bumps on them like the hand fidget has on the centre ball.  They have weight to them which I find wonderful for my weight-grounding needs.
My favourite thing about these is the texture!  I like the ability I have of taking some of the berries off to adjust the weights needed.  I can’t stop fidgetting with these.


Hand Fidgets

I got 2 of these.
1 rainbow and 1 Camo.
I loved the feeling of the berry necklace and the centre ball in these is exactly the same!
I find with anxiety I rub my thumb against my index finger and cause my skin to hurt.
This is literally amazing! I can do the same action for sensory input without causing damage to myself.
I love that these are small and discrete enough for this too.

Unfortunately my partner accidently on purpose borrowed the rainbow one lol. He’s not a chewer but is a fidget and he LOVES it. He’s forever using it when concentrating and when at work too.

We love these <3

~ Angel

Tread Bracelet – Adult

This Bracelet has been very calming for my son who struggles with intense sensory processing issues. When my son has this bracelet his tendency to self bite is redirected. I am so grateful for this product.

~ Felicity

Vibes Hi Fidelity Earplugs

These are great for my misophonia and sound sensitivities. Sounds I didn’t even realizes stressed me out became nothing (like sitting on a busy road waiting for the bus has become a pleasant time). They block out environmental sounds without reducing conversation, unlike most earplugs. They fit comfortably and have different sizes, plus they’re discreet enough that my family doesn’t notice that I’m wearing them. If I put them in while overloaded, they help calm me down so I can regain myself. I highly recommend these!

~ Elsen

The Spinner Necklace

I love my green spinner, I love how it’s a fidget, a chewy and a necklace.  I love spinning it around as well as chewing it. It’s like having 2 chewys on one necklace which is a plus because the ring around the spinner has a different texture than the spinner itself.

~ River Rain

Cactus Chubes

Currently wearing my Rainbow Cactus chubes. I personally prefer these to the original chubes due to its texture and thickness as I am a very agressive chewer.

~ River Rain