How To Choose the Right Chew?

Our mouths are made up of muscles and joints that receive proprioceptive input as well as sensory input from items that we put in such as food or any other object.

Chewing or mouthing object can calm and regulate the nervous system – think babies when they are sucking. We give a soother to a fussy baby to help calm them. Some people never grow out of this need. Their nervous system requires regulation.

Chewigem has designed a line of “chewelry” and fidgets that are safe for chewing!!  Made from the highest quality medical/food grade silicone, our products are also BPA,   BPS and phthalate free. The silicone inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould.

Everyone is different so a chewelry design that works for one person, may not work for another. You may also find that a different chewelry design is needed at different times. During periods of high stress or anxiety such as routine changes at work, home or school, you may need a stronger chew than what you would typically use.

When choosing the “right chew”, consider these factors:

What is being chewed now ( plastic, wood, clothing, skin)

How often does chewing happen ( constantly, a few times a day, a few times a week)

Has the chewer used chewelry before that didn’t work – was destroyed quickly or didn’t offer relief?

It can be a challenge getting the just right chew! But we will work with you until you find a Chewigem design or two that works for you or your chewer!. Stay in touch – if the Chewigem that you ordered isn’t working, let us know. We’ll make it right!


Chewigem Chewelry and Fidgets

For Mild Chewing, mouthing, sucking or fidgeting, we recommend:

Cat Pendant, Dogtags, Toggle Board unpolished, Twister Bracelet, Chewipal

Moderate Chewing:

Raindrops, Chubes, Realm Ring, Skulls, Geotags, Board Pendants, Miller Heart, Eternity, Infinity Cactus Chubes, Gem, Zenstones, Tread Bracelet, Jazz Pendant, the Spinner, Crown Chews

Tough Chewing

For those that chew hard and constantly:

Button Pendant, Hexichew, Tread Bracelet, Raindrop, Cactus Chubes, Jazz Pendant, Hand Fidget


Textured for extra sensory input:

Cats & Skulls have one smooth side and one side with sensory bumps. Geotags have a “tetris” like pattern on one side. The Infinity has debossed symbols on all sides. Cactus chubes have sensory bumps on all sides. Berries necklace has sensory bumps on all sides. Tread Bracelet has our unique tire tread pattern all around the bracelet. The Chewipal has texture on the entire length.  Zenstone and Worry Stones have a textured surface. The Hand Fidget has a textured ball in the centre while the outer ring has a silky finish. The Twister Bracelet has a twist pattern all around.


Smooth and Silky

Eternity pendant, Dog Tags, Hand Fidget  and Tread Bracelet have a silky finish that feels oh so good!

Raindrop, Board pendant, Realm ring, Miller heart, Gem, Infinity, Jazz Pendant, The Spinner,  Bubba Bracelet and Bermuda Bracelet are all polished so have a very smooth feel.

Molar Chewing

Some chewers need the sensory input that comes from chewing on their back teeth or molars.

The Board Pendant, Polished Toggle Board and Infinty are designed long enough to reach back to the molars.  The Realm Ring can be squished together to reach the molars.


Many of our items can be added to a toggle strap to be used as a zipper pull.

Chubes come 4 in a pack (regular) or 2 in a pack (Cactus) . You can string more than one on a cord, or string one on a cord ( we always include one extra cord) so that you have 2 necklaces – one for home, one for work or school.  Chubes also fit on hoodie strings, can be used on earbud wires or on the top of a pencil or pen.


If you need help finding the right chew connect with us at