Firstly, welcome! You are now part of our ongoing mission to run the Worlds Number One Community of Sensory Seekers!

We are really proud of the community we have here at Chewigem and love being able to chat about all sorts of things!

The community is a positive and welcoming place for everyone and to maintain this vibe there are some basic rules.

As a member we ask you keep your contributions positive, encouraging, inspirational, motivating, educational and supportive.

Before sharing a story or question or comment double check it … If there is a chance it could lead another member to feeling anxious, upset or overwhelmed then we ask you not post it in the group.

The nature of our community means there are often things to discuss that are not safe for the group … if in doubt, post us your message directly. The team we’ll help decided if the topic is best for one to one support or perhaps a managed group conversation.

We really encourage you to post….

– Post reviews / demos of all of our Chewigems! We are a Chewigem community after all and we can bet that a love of all things chewy is something we all have in common

– Tell us about something you’ve achieved or celebrate with us – We love being inspired by the amazing things you all do!

– Ask for advice if you need some. As a group, we have a lot of experience in a lot of different things. It’s brilliant when we can share this knowledge and help each other out.

– Report anything or anyone that you feel does not comply with our rules to one of the members of the Chewigem Team.

Don’t :

– Post anything abusive, threatening or upsetting. We want all members to feel safe and happy in this community.

– Post about controversial subjects or topical issues that could spark unfriendly debates. We all have our own opinions on lots of things but Chewigem is not a place to be sharing this.

Post about potentially triggering or upsetting topics. Again, we want all members to feel safe and happy. Posts about sensitive topics may upset or effect others in ways we are not always aware. Chewigem is a place of positivity and although we can offer support in some areas, we can’t always help and if you are concerned about your physical or mental health in anyway, please seek medical advice from a healthcare professional.